Missing Door Sensor Ultraloq U-BOLT-PRO-UB01 Keyless Smart Door Lock + WiFi

Hi, I have a new [Ultraloq U-BOLT-PRO-UB01 Keyless Smart Door Lock + WiFi] installed. It does not appear to have a door sensor. I want it to only auto lock when the door is closed? Does anyone know if it should have come with one? Or how I can get one?

The Wi-Fi models should have come with a door sensor, but if you got a ubolt with a Bluetooth Wi-Fi bridge, they don’t support the door sensor. It’s a pretty small plastic box with a magnet inside, easy to overlook, so double check your packaging if you got a true Wi-Fi model. If you don’t find it I would submit a customer service ticket for ultraloq to help you get one Contact Us – U-tec