Auto lock not working when manually unlocked

This is a pretty bad issue. I didn’t realize my door wasn’t auto locking, so been leaving my house unlocked for a while. Just recently noticed that it wasn’t locking a few weeks ago. When will this be fixed?

Actually, looks like the new firmware was just released 20 hours ago that fixes this issue.

After eating this I removed the batteries and the problem was solved after I put them back in. Thanks.

Same issue here, started a few days ago on TWO locks after working fine for about a month. Door sensor is properly installed and paired (the app accurately states the door position). If I turn off/on the auto lock feature it works ONCE and then stops.


I’m incredibly disappointed. This is happening to me as well. Things worked fine for a few weeks but if I manually unlock now, it does not auto-lock.

I think a big issue is the software. Right now, the door sensor becomes unpaired and I have to keep adding it over and over in the app.

The only work around right now is to take the batteries out and insert them back in.

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Same problem here. Auto lock doesn’t work after manually unlocking. Works fine when unlocking with code or fingerprint. This problem started about a month after installing the lock. Worked great before that.

Thanks I’ll give it a try. Did this permanently resolve the problem?

It did. The issue has not occurred since I did this.

Thanks! I did the same today and it solved the problem. I hope it lasts.

Can’t believe there hasn’t been an update lm this. Still waiting. The battery reset is a temporary fix at best.

Same issue with mine. Has it benn ASAP yet…

@Brenda @Harley1 @lu1 @Daniel10 @Billy1 @JEREMY3 @Adam2 @Nathan2 @Mike9 @Britt @Christopher5 @Jack2 @Yuliq Hello everyone, I apologize for the previous inconvenience. Following our recent firmware update, I would like to verify two points:
1.Is the problem with the Auto Lock feature still present?
2.If the issue persists, can you confirm whether the Red Light on the interior is visible when you unlock the lock?
Thank you for your assistance! :heart:

Hello, I have already reported this issue to the development team. Would you be able to connect the lock via Bluetooth on your smartphone and then proceed to lock and unlock the lock consecutively 10 times?

Hi reporting in here as I also starting experiencing this issue over the past few days. I am using firmware version 01.35.0023.

I can confirm that when experiencing the issue, the red light does NOT light up after manually unlocking. Also, the manual unlock does not appear in the activity log in the app.

I tried unlocking and relocking ten times consecutively via the app, and it did not fix the issue. Removing the batteries and then replacing them did fix the issue (for now…) and I can confirm that after doing this, the red light DOES light up after manually unlocking, and the manual unlock appears in the activity log.

The problem went away, but in the last couple of weeks it’s back. How can you people not get this right?!!! This is unacceptable! If a self-lock feature doesn’t work right every single time, you by definition DO NOT have a self-locking feature. You just add one more thing to worry about.

10-15% of the time it doesn’t lock and I get no alert that the door has remained unlocked, which would trigger me to lock remotely. I can’t trust my house with this system, especially if guests or others are accessing and I can’t rely on them to manually lock the door. I’m shopping around for a replacement system that I can count on 100%.

And yes - the freaking red light works. The door sensor works, but I disconnect and re-pair it every few days. Then the auto-lock may do better, or maybe it makes not difference. I can’t tell, because it’s random unreliable crap!

Could you please check if the door sensor installation location is correct? If you don’t know how to judge, you could show me a picture of the lock and the door sensor.

My auto lock is also not working. Red light not on. Battery replacement did not work. Fingerprint entrance also not 100%. Any updates on these problems?

@Michael18 Hope I could help you. Could you email me( and share more details: 1. Only not working when manually unlocking the door? 2. If the App could show the correct door status? 3. If convenient, please give me a video from the inside door about how auto-lock not working

Same. Auto-lock is unreliable now. The red light does not go on when I lock or unlock the door.

Having same problem… Auto Lock stopped working after like… a week… will auto lock if I use the fingerprint or code… and app shows correctly when door is open or closed in real time… so it is Not the Sensor… let me guess… No Updates from Support?