Improve Auto Unlock

I have the U-Bolt Pro WiFi, and its Auto Unlock is unreliable to the point that it is not useful. I would like to know more how about it tries to work, because maybe it is just a timing thing. But the door is rarely unlocked when we approach. I think it has either unlocked and relocked before I got to it or it unlocked after I (manually unlocked and) entered the house.

Based on the notifications and lock activity, it correctly detects away and returning in the app. And, it does notify that it automatically unlocked the door, just not in my timing.

It seems like the Auto Unlock should immediately unlock as soon as it sees Bluetooth and stay unlocked for much longer. If it has a delay upon arrival in my garage, it is probably too long. Then, when we are a little slow getting out of the car (like with packages, or groceries… you know, when auto unlock would really be nice), the door has already relocked. Seems like a 5-minute relock after an auto unlock would solve most scenarios. Then, it just needs to unlock faster.

Can you scan your customer lock activity data to see this in the field. For example, how many times did a user manually unlock within a few minutes of an auto unlock/relock. That would reveal the timing mismatch in the device versus real-world activity.

I understand that your problem is that the automatic unlocking and automatic locking are not working well together. Thank you for your feedback, we will continue to optimize such issues.

I concur your sediments. I purchased this brand solely for the auto unlock feature.
I have yet to approach the door, loaded w/ groceries or otherwise, to no avail, have the door locked…;(