Auto-unlock doesn't work reliably

When driving home, and approach the door, about half the time it doesn’t unlock. The auto-unlock is set, the location is correct, and the app is running. What could be wrong?

Same here. Sometimes I have to wait for 30 seconds to a minute after approaching the door. Other times it stops working completely and I have to toggle it off and on, then re-save my location to get it working again.


I don’t trust auto lock feature, it sounds a reasonable thing to have but not practical.

I had all sort of problems: door misalignment, bolt jammed and the worst part with the Ultraloq Wifi Pro (the one without door sensor) is the locking happens even when door is opened…

My sincere suggestion is to “not using auto lock” and creating a habit of pressing “Ultraloq” button to make sure door is locked.

Via Alexa or Google Home, I also setup routine to lock the door at night so in case I forgot to lock it, “hopefully” the routine would help - mitigate some of above caveats but not all.

Yes, this is a reoccuring frustration for me as well. Proximity bluetooth or some communication to device based on location should be integrated. Google and homekit do a good job of this.

the app alerts me just fine when i get near my home, but yes the connection to blutooth takes a long time on modern devices… I understand the need to not only know my gps location but verify the phone is near before unlocking, but again modern phones dont link up when asleep quickly… takes a bit of time. @U-tec i suggest you not use bluetooth in the future but maybe wifi… for example when XXXXXX device appears, unlock. or have the app ping the local lock wifi address as the second check… wifi tends to link up quickly. bluetooth sucks… I know this is only for wifi locks, but…