Auto Unlock - Not Working

I am part of the beta test app, but a few things that would be great if they could be addressed.
The auto unlock feature - this rarely works. I have the map set for location on the map, and the geo fence to 1000 meters, What can be done to have this work? I often with work come home with hands full and it would be nice if I could just open the door after parking. It is easy to thumb print it, but why have the feature if it is broken?
This seems to work about 1 in 40 times, but am some times surprised.
I am on a paired bridge. Firmware for the lock is V02.26.0020 (App claims to be updated)

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@Ballard Our agent replied to you via trouble ticket, please check the email.

I also find auto-unlock iffy at best. Sometimes it opens when I walk up to the door and is great, other times it is somewhat slow, and yet others it takes so long that I use my fingerprint. However, and I think it is mostly this last case, I come in and shut the door, see the auto-lock lock the door only to have it unlock moments later. I think the auto-unlock didn’t know I unlocked it and it should have canceled unlocking it. Plus, once I’m inside the door it should know that and not unlock. It does re-lock after my door shut/but unlock time up has passed, but it is very disconcerting to have come in, locked the door only to have it unlock all by itself.

I know they are using the phone to tell where we are and it is not that sensitive, but maybe they should sell an air tag or something to fix this. I can’t lock my keys in my car because it knows it is inside. If my car key fob can tell this, there should be something U-Tec could do to get the same result.

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Yes this.
My system often unlocks the door after I’ve fingerprinted, come inside, closed the door, and locked it.