Auto-unlock works - after I enter the house

The auto-unlock feature on my new U-bolt Pro WiFi does not unlock my door until after I’ve unlocked the door and entered my house. Everything is set up correctly, all the firmware is up-to-date, as is the app on my iPhone. I receive the welcome message to my phone (and watch) when I get close to home, but it doesn’t unlock when I approach.

I have worked with U-Tec’s support and their recommendation is that the U-Bolt be the only Bluetooth item I am connected with as otherwise it is “too slow to respond.” No duh! But seriously? In this day and age where we are connected to many things (my phone connects to my ear piece, my car and my watch), I’m to disconnect from it all to work the door.
This seems like a serious design flaw and should never have gotten out of development. I used to have the U-Bolt that required a bridge in order to function, and that had no problems with the auto-unlock. I upgraded to get rid of the bridge, and it seems more like a down grade.

One of the main features I purchased this for completely fails. I will be removing this useless door lock.