Auto-unlock not working with new U-Bolt Wifi

I recently upgraded my bluetooth U-Bolt to the Wifi version for better wifi connectivity and door sensing. Those aspects are working great. But since swapping, auto-unlock doesn’t work. I get notifications on my phone when geofencing sees that I have returned home, but the lock never senses my phone close by and auto-unlocks. I have tried completely resetting the lock and re-adding it to the app. Still no dice. Any pointers?

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I have this same issue. I reset the lock and reconnected the wire as support suggested. WiFi connection still works and I see the geofencing notification as the OP, but the lock never connects via Bluetooth. It does connect via WiFi so I can lock/unlock remotely.

I have started the RMA process with support.

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@Ashman Hi, our agent replied to you in the trouble-ticket system, please check the email.

I have found locking and unlocking using Bluetooth connectivity rather temperamental, and really disappointing.

You can stand very close to the door, and if you happen to move your phone or watch slightly away, the unlocking process does not initiate nor complete.

I have the same problem.

If you recently changed phones and used the feature to copy your settings and apps from your old phone to your new one, reinstall the U-tec app. That fixed the issue for me.