Auto Unlock Settings. Hope for an Assistance?

Hi there, I would like to know the default settings for my Auto Unlock to work. Attached is the settings of my lock. Do hope someone could help me with this.

I had notifications sent to me when I was far away from my lock location and when I reach home the door did not unlock. Here are my settings.

Good luck, auto unlock has never worked, since I bought it 2+ yrs ago

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Thanks for replying man! I had the old version and it was working fine until I upgraded to the wifi version and even had a replacement set. So sad to hear that it does not work. It would have been an awesome lock for me if my old version fingerprint did not died on me

It’s the same for me. With the lock and bridge that I purchased about 3 years ago, it worked great. Now, it works, but after I’m already in the home. I’m literally back in my kitchen, and I hear the door unlock. On one occasion, I went to check my security cam, and the Auto Unlock kicked in 6 minutes after I pulled into my driveway.

I have a Wi-Fi dead bolt and everything has and does work precisely. I feel fortunate :nerd_face:

Your phone, and your lock need to be on the same Wi-Fi connect

Auto-unlock had been working well until a big app update late last year. Then many people were having problems with it, including myself. It would occasionally work for me, but most of the time it did not from like December through February. Without any major app or firmware updates released to address the issues, it seems to be working very well within the last several weeks for me even though I did not make any changes. I had the same things as you where the notifications would come in when going away or returning (which likely means you are properly configured), and if wifi and bluetooth are on on your phone, the lock should unlock when you get relatively close to your lock. That’s the place where things had been failing for months that seems to work well in the last few weeks, just that last final connection between the phone and the lock when they are close to each other. Hope you’re also getting better results in recent weeks, and that the recent hot streak continues for me (and everyone else if they are also noticing the same!)