U-Tec U-Bolt Pro Auto-Unlock not working, how I fixed it

I have had my ultraloq UBolt Pros a little over two years ago. About 8-10 months ago the Auto-Unlock feature stopped working. It would work once in every few months. It has been driving me nuts!

I tried everything! I even got a new phone and did not do a restore from old one. Thinking something broken would get moved to it.

Turns out it was the WiFi bridge. I had the WiFi bridge in line of sight of the lock. No more than 8 feet away from the lock. The bridge was paired with the lock and showed everything was fine in the app.

I unplugged the WiFi bridge and the Auto-Unlock began to work. Perfectly! Every Time! I no longer get the push notification each time it is locked or unlocked. Or able to unlock it from the internet. But all I really want is the Auto-Unlock feature anyway!

Try unplugging the bridge.

Hi Bennett - although I have not had a significant autounlock problem, I can confirm that you do not have to have a WiFi connection for AutoUnlock to work. Yesterday I was temporarily without my router and spent several hours with the bridge unplugged… and autounlock worked just fine.

I am getting close to convinced that the lock has trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time… that is, having a BT connection to the bridge and having a BT connection to a phone and/or having both a WiFi connection and BT connection to a phone

Bennett2 - Well, after confirming that you do not have to have the bridge plugged in for AU to work (my router being down at the time I unplugged my bridge). But guess what? Now that my router is back, I am in the same boat as you. AU will not work with the bridge plugged in! This behavior is a total change for me - AU had been working 99% of the time. Now, 0% if bridge plugged in.

Hi there @Bennett2 , just found this post, is it still working with only Bluetooth ? I mean, does Auto-Unlock works 100% of the time with only Bluetooth on, without the Bridge I mean ?

It worked for a few days with the Bridge unplugged. Then the same problems returned. I have given up entirely. At least the finger print unlock is more convenient than having to fish out my keys.

Ok, so they are totally unreliable then, for that feature I mean. Thanks for coming back to me !

Bennett2 - Get close to your lock. When you have the bridge unplugged and you open the app and select your lock, does it connect (that is, can you control your lock)? If so, BT is obviously connecting your lock and the app. Have you checked to see if AU was turned off somehow? If it is still “enabled”, “Activated”, and Away Mode “Activated”, “Back Mode” should be indicating “Back”. If it is, tap “Away”… it will probably immediately switch back to “Back” and, hopefully, the door will unlock.