Ultraloq ubolt pro w/wifi locked/unlocked status

my brand new ultraloq pro with built in wifi often does not show an accurate “locked” status. Today, for example, after using the lock, it showed “unlocked” as status. I sent my friend over who verified it was locked. He then unlocked it, locked it, and it now shows “deadbolt jammed”. I know it’s correctly locked. I’m remote for a while. This is a major pain

Hi Ken,

We apologize for all the inconvenience caused.

A ticket has been created for this issue. Please check your e-mail for our detailed reply.

Thank you!

Typically, when it shows deadbolt jammed, you will need to lock and unlock it in the app. This gets rid of the deadbolt jammed and it will then lock and unlock automatically.

Thanks. That makes some sense.

When the door is closed, it will try to auto lock. If it does not lock on its own because the deadbolt does not go completely into the cylinder, you will get a ‘deadbolt jammed’ status. You can lock and lock it manually, but it will still show ‘deadbolt jammed’, until you successfully lock and unlock it using the app.

I continue to have really bad battery usage and the deadbolt showing a “jammed” status (and I am remote which exacerbates the process). My housekeeper went to the house, used the lock successfully, left and locked it. The status showed “locked”. All OK. A day later the status has changed to “jammed”.

We have a small anomaly in the door fitting in that the door needs to be pulled a bit for the bolt to slide easily. If it’s not pulled tight, the bolt rubs or slides against the plate and it won’t retract all the way. My question is – does the lock, by itself, test itself to check it’s locked/unlocked status. If it cycles in some way, it could account for the horrendous battery usage issue I’m having (new batteries lasted only 2 week, and I had replaced the lock with a “tested” unit).

Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.

Two weeks is not good battery life at all, and I don’t feel it’s the auto locking that’s causing that kind of battery life. However, if not initially locked and it jams, it will try and auto lock a few times and then just not lock at all. If this is continuous, jamming that is, then it could explain the battery life. But that’s hardly unlikely. I use Duracell in mine and go about a year or better without having to change them. Of course when we leave and arrive we always lock it manually, which in my opinion saves it from auto locking. Thus, not using the battery to lock it. Try filing the opening that the bolt slides into a little wider, so if the door isn’t pulled the bolt will still slide into the cylinder. My back door was that way and I expanded the opening so it doesn’t jam anymore.

Thanks. I actually have auto lock turned off. I agree with getting opening larger so it doesn’t rub, and I’ve now turned off wifi to see how that works.

I’m a little confused. If you have auto lock turned off, not sure why you would be getting ‘deadbolt jammed.’ You only get that when auto lock is turned on. Having all that turned off kind of defeats the purpose of the lock. I’m assuming you have a ‘bridge’, so why not turn auto lock on, as well as WIFI. That way you can use the lock as it was intended.

Thanks. Just to be clear, I have the Ultraloq pro with “built in wifi” (no bridge). I think that’s the root of my problem. I do have auto lock turned off, so we lock it (from the outside), by pushing the lower button. Because the door needs to be held for the bolt to fit correctly, it was too confusing to set the auto lock (too slow; too fast, etc?)

As to why it was showing as being jammed, when it really was just locked, I don’t know. Part of the mystery. I’ve turned off wifi to see if the batteries last longer. And I’m remote for another month or so.

I just wonder if the lock tests itself every so often to see the bolt status? If it does, and the door isn’t held, it would not work correctly, and this could be the cause of the ridiculous battery drain.