Having lots of problems, u bolt wifi

I have 9 of these. Two are now broken, making terrible sounds when i try to lock them, even with a key.

I use them in a multi unit short term rental and sometimes need to give people access remotely, which was the whole point of buying these. after looking through the community it is obvious you hide real reviews on the website.

with the old app i could usually give someone an access code. it might take ten times to connect but it eventually would.

Now with the update, the locks are absolutely worthless, wont connect, just spins, cant update codes. cant add new locks to replace the two that are broken. says doors are locked when theyre open and vice versa.

Please contact me about fixing or return about 1200 to my credit card.



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Rocker, we have 16 of the u-bolt Wi-Fi deadbolts and have very little issues.

Sometimes we need to reset our iPhone or iPad to connect to the locks. Sometimes we need to check the batteries…pull one out and put it back. We think a battery unseats a tiny bit from people slamming a door.

We have really good Wi-Fi with 8 hard wired mesh repeaters. Strong Wi-Fi is very important. We also make sure to change batteries when they reach low status.

I hope this info helps you.

We love the 16 u-bolts we use at our motel.

Sleep Woodstock Motel
Woodstock, VT

Me to have to reset it all the time wifi not picking up

Sorry for the bad experience, hope this article could help you solve it:

Hi, I have update your bridge version and it may activate it. Also, App is updating these days to optimize this issue(android 2.0.9, ios 2.0.8), please keep watching.

I have to do the same every few months. The tell tale sign is that the lock becomes completely dead. When you re-seat one or more of the batteries, you hear a rapid beep to let you it is alive again.

Thankfully, during most of those occasions someone is inside to unlock the door manually.

However, one time when this happened to one of my apartment units, I was completely locked out. I thought to myself lets use the powerful jump starter battery in my car, and plug it into the lock’s USB port.

To my utter disappointment, it did not power the lock. I had to go and fetch one of the spare keys to be able to let myself in. Has anyone else had the USB port not work for them?

What happened to you is why I rekey all my locks so that I have one mater key for all the locks. It’s why I like the WiFi Deadbolt clocks with a key and not the fingerprint scanner. I always have the key with me.

I have to say, we’ve had great performance of our locks.