U-Bolt Pro with Bridge

I purchased an Ultraloq Bolt Pro 6 in 1 Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Keypad Smart Lock Deadbolt Plus the Bridge Wifi Adaptor in December of 2020 from Home Depot. When I first installed it, it worked fine. About 6 months later, I began having problems with the lock freezing up, chewing through batteries and not being able to connect with the app. This would happen about every 3 or 4 months. Each time I would have to spend and hour or so to correct the problem. Over the course of ownership, I have had to contact Utec customer service several times. However when my lock completely quit 3 weeks ago, I contacted customer service again and they told me they would probably replace the lock given all the problems. After submitting the SN for the lock and the purchase receipt, they have said it is out of warranty and that they would offer me a 30% discount on the purchase of a new lock. Well…That is NOT going to happen. The product has proven itself to be unreliable at best, let alone all the time I have had to spend on correcting problems.
I would highly suggest that if you are looking for a connected loving device, that you look to the many other options available in the market. Don’t waste $215 like I did!

signed…a very unhappy customer.

Oh that’s some BS. If you have documented service calls on the same problem that they wanted to replace it for, they should still replace it. It’s not your fault that they made you take this time and failed options to fix it. I call. SHENANIGANS!!


Thanks for your comments. I was asked several times for the serial number for the lock. I sent it in an email to Customer Service. Then a day later, I get an email from customer service asking for the SN again!!

When I called, it as like they didn’t have any record of my lock in their system. When the lock was relatively new, the batteries went dead and I didn’t have any keys to open it with. I had to crawl through a bathroom window to unlock the damn lock from the inside. I then had to call them and have them send keys out that fit the lock. Again, I needed to provide the serial number for the lock.

Who knows what is going on there. I sure hope they read these comments and fix their poor record keeping system for the people who still have their locks. I’m replacing mine with a Schage!! I’m done with U-Tec!!!

Buyer Beware!!!

@Cufaro Please check your email. Our team has replied to you already.

@Gruley It would be more efficient to support you by submitting a ticket directly.

If we decide your device is defective, we’d be happy to offer a free replacement under warranty. Please don’t worry.

Ultraloq smart lock comes with a lifetime warranty for mechanical parts and 12(UL1 / Combo and Bridge) to 18(Other Models) months for electronic components from the date of delivery.

Warranty for Ultraloq Smart Lock – U-tec Support

Oh, I am not having a problem with my lock. I was showing support for the original poster.