Remote Connection Not Working At All

Last Tuesday, I received 2 x U-Bolt Pro (with wireless bridge) for my front and back doors. I got everything setup correctly and the process was fairly easy, then about an hour later the front door disappeared from my device list. I’ve tried re-adding it but I get the error about it being already registered to my account. I’ve tried resetting it to factory defaults using the PIN hole but that did not work either. I’ve tried fixing it on my iPhone, my iPad, and my gf’s iPhone, nothing works. It appears that the device needs to be manually removed from my account so I can add it again from scratch. When I edit my location, it says there are two devices but only one shows in my device list.

Here is the absolute worst part, I can’t get anyone at U-tec to help me. I have called and left a voicemail every day for the past week and no one has called me back. I’ve submitted a ticket (#121981) and the only responses I get are links to your FAQ/Community that do not fix my issue. I really want to like this system but if no one is willing to support it, I’d be just as happy to return it to Amazon and get a lock that works. Sorry for my frustration but not having functionality to the locks of my property are a big deal. Please contact me ASAP.