Remote connect help

I just bought the u bolt pro. It has that Bluetooth bridge connector too. It’s all setup and works, but I can’t connect remotely. I thought you could connect from another state over. It just shows it trying to connect but doesn’t. Do I need to be on wifi for it to work or am I missing something?

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@Steingesser Please try it again, and it should be fine now. :grinning:

I’m having the same issue. Everything works great from home but I’m unable to verify status or remotely control the locking feature.

Do we need to open an ports or add a reservation for the bridge to operate it remotely?

I ended up getting it working. U-tec did an update to it, and I reset it up. I ended up not reading the instructions too well, pushing the button until the yellow light as solid, somehow acted resetting rk up, it worked like a charm.