Can't connect to lock remotely

I have no luck connecting to my lock using the bridge when I am not in my condo. It connects fine while I am in the unit but if I am remote it fails to connect. Which somewhat makes the app useless as I would want to be able to open and close the door remotely and/or check the status to be sure I have locked the door.

It worked in the past but has now stopped. Not sure what, if anything, changed.

Any ideas?

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Hi, @Peg our agent has replied to you in the trouble ticket system, please check the email.

Can you post the fix here so we can see what to do.
mine does the same thing. I need to reset the bridge at least once a week. I am in range, about 4 ft. away and it is on the 2.4 WiFi signal.

Gilbert - Please, post a fix for this. Since downloading the Beta, nothing will connect via cell, but only wifi…Kind of lame, conceptually.

@Janzer @Ballard We have updated your bridge firmware, could you check if it connects better now?

My bridge firmware version is V02.52.0503. Is this the new version? I wish you would have posted the bridge firmware version that you updated to on your post.

I finally got a chance to remotely test this to see if I could connect. It is a test sample of one but I could connect today when I left the building. Apparently the upgrade helped.

@Gilbert - The app does now work remotely for unlocking. Although it is not possible to access the log for users still unless connected to wifi. Is that possible to alter and change?

Please try to replace the new battery., most of the time it works If the new battery still does not work, go to the support page to submit a trouble ticket we will help you to solve it.

I have the same issue. I can’t control the lock remotely. When I enter the App, the Bridge is connected to the wifi network, however the lock won’t connect, therefore I can’t control de lock remotely. Could you help me with this issue.

@Trujillo1 We upgraded your Bridge successfully, which improved the communication features between the 3rd-party server and ours.

After that, please log off your U-tec App, then log in again. How to log out of the U-tec account?

Sometimes, you’ll need to unplug, plug it in, or pair it again. Setting Up Ultraloq Bridge

Here is the video for your reference. Ultraloq | App Guide: Pair Ultraloq Bridge - YouTube

We hope this helps! Please let me know if you need anything else!