Can't connect to lock remotely

What did you do? It seems to be working now.

Please help as I have the same problem too. When I’m in the home, on bluetooth, wifi and cell data the app works and I can control the lock. When I’m not in the home 20mins away, the lock cannot connect even though the paired bridge shows a good connection.

@Tran5 pls try it again.

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I find that if we already set up the lock…connected it to Wifi …and then I am attempting to connect…add users…update…what ever…If I am connected to the Wifi that I connected the Lock tom, it will not work. I have to disconnect from the WiFi…and just connect over the internet.

@Toth It would be more efficient to support you by submitting a ticket directly.

Hi , I have been experiencing similar issues where I am unable to open/close door remotely, view log or add users if I am not on the same wifi as the bridge meaning I am remote from the location of the lock.

This is highly frustrating as the purpose is to be able to manage access of my apartment remotely. I purchased the lock in July and thought that it was because it was not set up properly. At the time, I was in another country but now being back I’m having the same issue.

Please I need your assistance in fixing this. Thanks!

@Gibbs1 Please try it again.

Worked! Not sure what u did but Thank You!!!

I am unable to unlock when I’m away from my house. Can you help me please???

@Will i am unable to unlock my door when I’m not at home. Can you help me please?

@Becky Please click here to submit a ticket directly

Hi I am having same problem. Can not control remotely. Can someone check my bridge and see if it needs to be updated?

I just bought 4 u-tec bolt pro with their bridge. I sync or connect the bridge and having the same issue. I spoke to a support rep at u-tec. She said my bridge just not connected. I flew to to my property and reset reconnected the bridge still not able to control remotely. I can only control withing the WIFI prerimeter otherwise if connection failed, remote control of the lock is not working.

Hi Vanguard,

We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused for you. This is not what we want our customers to experience.

Please click this link: to submit a ticket for the issue you meet. So that we can reply you in detail and guide you with further troubleshooting steps.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hello. I am having this same issue. Lock worked fine remotely when we first installed it a month ago but now it won’t connect to the bridge remotely despite wifi and bridge saying the connection is good. We have Airbnb guests arriving early and we were hoping to change their check in time but it won’t connect. This is extremely frustrating as we are not at the property to help them gain access. The whole reason we purchased this lock was to be able to control it remotely. Please help! I’m unable to create a ticket because I don’t have access to the serial number or bridge because again, I’m not at the property.

We had similar situation and I have to fly in to reset the bridge or reconnect it. We ran into issue that time to time the bridge got disconnected or out of WIFI sync.
If you are close by your property, you may need to reset / repairing your bridge. In fact, as of now we cannot remote control or connect to the lock due to bridge unpaired expectantly again. I hope UltraLoq have solution or update.

I have the same issue. I can’t control the lock remotely. When I enter the App, the Bridge is connected to the wifi network, however the lock won’t connect, therefore I can’t control the lock remotely. Could you help me with this issue.

I also have the same issue but despite numerous messages with support haven’t been able to resolve it and now need to request a refund from the original seller.
From the messages above it looks like this a very common issue and it would be great. to get some further guidance on what is being done to resolve it.

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Can’t remote access lock. Can someone help with it. Works great at the house but I need it when I’m not there. Thx

Same issue here. I purchased this because many reviewers said it was the best and I find that very hard to believe after owning this since December 2022. Unlocking remotely rarely works and I have to refresh the app and swipe down on the lock in the app to refresh the connection and keep repeating until it finally unlocks without throwing an error. All of my other smart home devices work perfectly fine including the garage door opener. This issue has been going on for some time now and there’s still no post on how to fix?? Very dissapointed!