Can't connect to lock remotely

What did you do? It seems to be working now.

Please help as I have the same problem too. When I’m in the home, on bluetooth, wifi and cell data the app works and I can control the lock. When I’m not in the home 20mins away, the lock cannot connect even though the paired bridge shows a good connection.

@Tran5 pls try it again.

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I find that if we already set up the lock…connected it to Wifi …and then I am attempting to connect…add users…update…what ever…If I am connected to the Wifi that I connected the Lock tom, it will not work. I have to disconnect from the WiFi…and just connect over the internet.

@Toth It would be more efficient to support you by submitting a ticket directly.

Hi , I have been experiencing similar issues where I am unable to open/close door remotely, view log or add users if I am not on the same wifi as the bridge meaning I am remote from the location of the lock.

This is highly frustrating as the purpose is to be able to manage access of my apartment remotely. I purchased the lock in July and thought that it was because it was not set up properly. At the time, I was in another country but now being back I’m having the same issue.

Please I need your assistance in fixing this. Thanks!

@Gibbs1 Please try it again.

Worked! Not sure what u did but Thank You!!!

I am unable to unlock when I’m away from my house. Can you help me please???

@Will i am unable to unlock my door when I’m not at home. Can you help me please?

@Becky Please click here to submit a ticket directly

Hi I am having same problem. Can not control remotely. Can someone check my bridge and see if it needs to be updated?