Cannot connect remotely, keeps spinning “Connecting”

I was able to connect remotely to my lock but for some reason now it just keeps spinning and says “connecting”. eventually will say connection failed. The app shows wifi and bridge are paired. I have changed nothing and can confirm wifi is on at the house. Any idea how to fix?

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Repower the bridge(reinsert) and your lock(take off the battery).

@Carrie is there a fix for this remotely? Can you update my bridge software? Thank you

I have updated your bridge version to the newest V02.52.0503, please check.

@Carrie thank you, it does connect now!!

I’m having the same issue and am also remote. Any chance you can help me out?

I am having the same issue and I am remote, how can I fix this issue?

Please give a call to 1844 HEY UTEC or put in a ticket at and let them know you would like them to update your bridge firmware. Thank you.