Can't Add Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi in iPhone U-tec App

I recently purchased 2 U-Bolt Pro locks. I have tried several times to add a lock to the U-tec app, but each time it discovers the lock, but fails on the step where I create an Admin Code, presenting me with the error message “Notice: Admin Code error”. I cannot seem to get past this step!

I’ve tried logging out out the app, restarting my phone and removing/replacing the batteries but I haven’t found the right steps or the right order to get the new lock to register.

Any ideas on how to get past this error and complete the installation?


Hi Mike,

This is Christal from U-tec. Please try resetting the lock manually with the reset pin. If that doesn’t help please feel free to give us a call at 844-439-8832. Our agent will assist you with troubleshooting.