Unable to pair bridge: Failed to connect to the bridge

Got this lock from Amazon 3 days ago. I’ve been trying to pair the bridge ever since and just can’t do it. The bridge is found as it appears in the list but 90% of the time, it sits at “Connecting” and I can’t click it. For the remaining 10%, “Connecting” becomes a MAC address and can now click but after a while, it ends up with “Failed to connect to the bridge” with no further explanation.

I created a ticket but people say it can take days to get a response. I do not wish to see my return deadline go by.

Hi @Lyverbe , our agent replied to you via the Trouble-ticket system, please check the email.

I tried a ton of solutions from technical support suggestions. If anyone is having the same problem, the problem was not the bridge and not router settings. All I had to do is to remove the batteries from the lock and wait 5 minutes before inserting them back. Bridge connected on the first attempt.

Thanks again to technical support!

@Lyverbe Upgraded your Bridge as well, it should be better than before.

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