Cannot Pair Bridge--"NEXT" button does nothing

I can’t connect a bridge. It gets to this screen and hitting “next” does nothing. What

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Could you please contact customer service to get instructions help.

make sure the wifi is 2.4Ghz, the bridge and the lock is within 3-5 meters also.

I am having the same issue. It’s affecting two locks and two bridges.

Could you please get some help from customer service first. If the problem still exists , you can contact my email:

I am also having the same problem. The app shows good signal statuses between lock, bridge and router but tapping Next does not do anything so the pairing process never completes.

For everyone here—I fixed the problem by deleting the app and reinstalling it. It didn’t reset my lock and I didn’t have to set anything up again, it just started working. Not sure why. The software for this lock is so buggy lol.

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Jeremiah, thank you! I got my issue fixed by deleting and reinstalling the app as well. After doing this, the first lock paired with the bridge immediately. The second, though, repeatedly told me that my bridge was too far from my lock to connect via bluetooth. The thing is, though, I was LITERALLY holding the bridge 1cm from the lock. Took several dozen tries to get the lock and bridge to pair. A neighbor told me that he, too, had to try dozens of times to get a second lock and bridge to pair. I’ll never get these three weeks back . . .

Yeah, I have a bridge that just has an LED that pairs and works but turns red after a while and stops working. I’m gunna send it back. The QC on these might not be great.

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Thank you Jeremiah. It worked for me.

This worker for me as well

OMG Jeremiah you are a life saver!!! I battled with this for an hour and finally reinstalling the app did the trick!! THANK YOU!!!

Of course U-tec, wants you to contact customer service and not provide that the solution is deleting the app! I just deleted app reinstalled and it worked. What a joke. I have spent over two hours troubleshooting all the issues in different stages of this product.