Bluetooth won't connect with bridge

I am able to connect the bridge to wifi but can’t get the Bluetooth the work. The wifi light is green but the Bluetooth light turns off after turning red (briefly). The bridge is within 10 feet of the deadbolt. I can’t get the Bluetooth to connect in order to use the remote feature to lock/unlock the door. I’ve made sure that the bridge is connected to the 2.4g. Any suggestions would be great!

You are a step ahead of me. I can’t even get my app to see the bridge. Perhaps I am doing it wrong?

I go to “add device”>”add through categories: Ultraloq locks (which is the only suboption)”>”bridge”. The “pair bridge” screen now shows up but there are no items to pair, even though my new bridge is plugged in right next to it, solid yellow light. Tried rebooting my phone and resetting the bridge, but no results. Anyone have any ideas?

I actually had to clear and delete the lock then install the app, set up the lock and then connect the bridge. That worked over trying to install the bridge after the lock was already installed and set up.

But I can’t even see the bridge before going into the lock menu. Not sure how erasing the lock would help that part of the problem…. Did you use the same menu options I did above or is there another way to add the bridge that I haven’t found?

I read some messages on making sure that your bridge is on 2.4ghz. Mine is a combo 2.4 and 5 so it didn’t cause an issue. I was able to go into my router info and find the bridge and see it was connected via 2.4. That’s the only other thing I think could cause you not to see the bridge as an option during set up.

Any idea how to connect the bridge to Wi-Fi at all? The app doesn’t even see it.