U-tec App V2.0 User Guide

There should be a display problem. But this seems like a good idea, can you tell me how you would use this “group” feature, i.e. who would you use it for? What else do you want “groups” to be used for?

I would use the group function to place the three exterior locks of a single rental property. This function would allow users to be shared amongst that group. An example would be a short term renter coming, I use the last four of their cell as the door code. I have to go to each lock and create a user, expiration date and set the code for all three doors of this property.
The group would allow a user account to have access to all locks in each group.

Okay, I see, so there are several locks in your one rental house for the same user? I thought you would only install one ultraloq for each rental house.

I am a bit confused about the version
numbering. That I wan to make sure about before I try to download.

I have a Pro zwave lock with firmware
“Lock version 02.26.0022”

Do the the Pro and Pro Zwave have the same software?

I have been been waiting for an upgrade that is able to report the door sensor open/closed status over zwave.

Does this beta update achieve this?

There needs to be a way to more easily manage users across multiple locks.

You need to be able to easily give them access to individual locks without having to create a new login for each lock.

For example at home I have 3 locks and have to create the same user for each.

Hi. Got the rooms set up, but seem unable to change the name of the address from “Default Location”. Is that deliberate?

I do like the view better.
I noticed my Logs are only showing the last 5 vs the entire day. This is not good.
I can look back at other days and only see 5… (May be nice to add filters here to)
I do not see a way to “move” locks to different address’s. (I only have two and moved it “rooms” vs address atm.
I wish I could “remove”/Hide" default location" as it takes a lot of “room” up on the top.

Running Pixel 7 Pro Latest OS (Android)

Installed it now I have nothing, I get none of my current locks, I don’t have a default location. When I click devices I get the hamburger menu, a down arrow in the middle, and the + sign. Nothing is there from before. If I go to my address’s it’s the same blank…

No, we haven’t encountered a situation the address name can’t be saved, can you record a video for us (upload the video to google drive and send a link)? Thank you very much!!!

Could you check again?

Carrie - It doesn’t show as saved, but in fact if I restart the app, the name has changed. I have saved a video to a google drive, showing the fact that the name doesn’t display as changed after “Save”.
Here is the link: U-tec - Google Drive

Thank you very much for your patient feedback, we will focus on testing this issue. :heart:

Can you try to scroll down on the home page to refresh it and see if it works?

Pulling down to refresh the Home Screen does indeed force the updated name to show up.
If you want a video showing this, let me know.


Great, thanks! We will solve this problem in the official version.

I think you can try to scroll down on the home page to refresh it, or log out and log in to your account. We will solve this problem, thanks.

I got upgraded to t he new app version. However, I can only see the last 5 events of each day in the logs. How do you see an entire day’s log events?

It shouldn’t have happened, you should see the entire day’s log events. Could you give me a screenshot?

Hi Carrie,
Thank you for getting back to me. Here is a screenshot.

Agree, I had multiple locks and upon upgrading to V2 all of them right now in a default location with no way to move desired lock to other newly created location. The problem is that if your property is in different addresses and you’re physically not near the lock you’re not able to add it to remote location that you’re not currently in. Sure I can delete it from the default location but I have no way to add it to newly created location that it belongs without being close to it physically. Need a feature to move lock from one location to another location. Also this feature is needed if I want to physically for some reason later on move the lock from one location to another location but I don’t want to completely remove it from the software database and lose all of my users