Feedb ack on new V2 of app

After trying the new version of the app I have some feedback.
I see new passage lock mode has been added so you can leave the door unlocked remotely for a period of time. Not having this feature has always been a drawback for me.

One negative comment however, I don’t see a way to view the current passcodes configured for users. The current version allows you to do that. This is going to force me to keep things written down on paper. Is there a way to view the current passcodes configured?

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Love the new look and feel of the new app. Just wondering about one thing that I noticed, I can’t put in a location without adding an address. I would prefer if I could leave out my address. I have a concern that if my phone was stolen, they would know the exact location and also be able to open my doors.

Agree that I must be able to see passcodes that have been entered. Very important for me.

Yes need to be able to see passcodes and also address should not be required that is a safety concern.

Really the only benefit here that works for the masses is the dark mode look and feel. However, I want to be able to switch from light or dark mode at my choosing.

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Hello, thanks for the feedback. We mainly consider the privacy and security of users when designing. As for the bad experience, we will keep eyes on it.

Thanks for the feedback~ We will discuss this internally.

Do I really have to reset my lock, removing all stored finger prints and passcodes for everyones profiles, just to upgrade the app!?!?

The new app scans and finds my lock, no problem, but tapping on the found instance of my lock, then pops up with ‘Notice’ Registration error, please follow this article to fix.
The article details the need to reset my lock, So I am not proceeding further…
Odd thing is, I still get notifications via the new app of the lock being opened, locked etc.
I am very disappointed at the concept that it is acceptable to have to teset the lock just to upgrade the app!

No, you don’t need to do anything with locks before upgrading your app. In theory, your locks will automatically appear on the homepage of the app after the upgrade. Didn’t you find them on the homepage?

I like the theory, but no, this did not happen. It did bring across my home and the fact that it is Front Door, but has Add Device… and no lock…

Ok, so the app had been like that since I installed it a couple of weeks back, but after getting the screen capture above, I thought, what if I logout and back in… viola! There is my lock!
But I also have. Lock ‘shared’ to me, and that does not appear,
How do I add the ‘shared’ lock?
I have added a location for that lock, which also makes me think…
Could there be a view option ’all locks’ so that I do not have to select different location views to see both locks?
Lastly… on the location management… a cosmetic fix required?

I am using iphone11 IOS16.1.1
Would be nicer if the 3rd option displayed without being cut off

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Thank you for your valuable suggestions, this is very important to us, I will inform our engineers to troubleshoot this problem.

Your update prevents me from accessing any of my locks now. Thanks. Can’t connect to allow friends into my cabin which means they have to go find a hotel on Christmas Eve. Can’t connect to my local lock and now my PIN code and thumbprint don’t work either. REALLY REALLY bad implementation. Even if this didn’t happen, you can’t switch locks to a new location which is just plain stupid.