For those unable to connect to app after update

I uninstalled the app, re-added and I had to give the app location permission before it would work. Total BS. as some people might not feel comfortable sharing that information. Also, for guest you must drop down location and you will see a shared location, otherwise you will not see the lock. Really counter intuitive, how about showing all the locks on the main page instead of dropping down to view locks from different locations?

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It’s already set to allow all though, was yours? If so, I will try to uninstall app and do it again, but I shouldn’t have to since it worked fine just a few days ago

This doesn’t work for me. Reinstalled app, reset bridge, everything. Can connect to app only when at home. When remote nothing works.

Hi Steingeiserr, sorry that my solution did not help you. I do not use the bridge, I access remote with homeassistant. HomeAssistant has been more reliable than the app for me.

Is home assistant just an app or do I need to do buy something? Never heard of it but willing to check it out. Thank you

Also smart things works. Just tried both thank you

We are considering the feature that you can see all your locks.