App V2.0 Feedback

I just installed the new Beta app without any problems. Although I think it is improvement over the past version, I have repeatedly asked that the lock status be shown in the initial landing page, without having to go to each lock to find out its status. This request is not implemented. Another observation is when using the app to lock or unlock, the log says it was a manual operation, versus the app? The Log needs to show how the lock was accessed by user code, the app, or manual operation.

thanks for the feedback. The lock status shown in landing page can be quite troublesome when there are quite a few locks, this will take long time to load, so haven’t implemented yet. As to the manual operation, it should be only by manual, could you please try again to see. If not, a video clip would be very helpful.

Thanks for the feedback~~
First, Regarding the display problem of “lock status”, we will continue to pay attention; secondly, we have not found this kind of problem, I will submit it to the testers.

Hi -

  • Stronger visual of when lock vs unlock (green vs red in previous was a faster way of getting confirmation)
  • Wouldn’t it make more sense to label the room in the properties of the lock and the have a room automatically created as a section? Google home uses this to organize devices
  • I can’t delete an address- very frustrating
  • addresses added for another location than where I’m currently located aren’t being saved

Thanks for opening this up to people, overall it’s good but it could be better

Thank you for taking the time to share your idea! But app support the feature of deleting address (except Default), could you find the button?

About another question you said, " addresses added for another location than where I’m currently located aren’t being saved", could you please send me a video link? Thanks! Hope I could help.

Delete button does not appear

It may be the “Default Address” which cannot be deleted.

Hi - I’m struggling to use this new version.

  • I have devices at two locations/homes. My address for one is no longer appearing. Now I can’t manage it. How do I access it now that it’s not appearing in the new app?

The navigation for this is horrible. Can I get back to the previous version of the app?

Can you give me a picture of your App, showing where went wrong. The device in one address is missing , or one of the two addresses is missing.

I have one lock on my account and two locks shared by my wife’s account. In the old V1 version, it did not really matter. I could still see all of them at once. With this new V2 system, I can’t. I need to toggle between the two “fake addresses” that the app created. Is there a way to see all locks together, regardless of the “address.”

Overall, I appreciate your desire to innovate, but I find the new version much more cumbersome to use and significantly worse than the old V1.

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Yes, we will add this feature to show all locks in the following version. Besides that, could you tell me what other worse experience you have had?

Contact support is impossible

Please contact If we could get detailed information, maybe we could help

It might be due to Dark Mode. Sometimes if Dark Mode is selected on your phone as the system default, apps may not invert the colors of text properly so it’s essentially white on white, but the text is still there. Try switching off Dark Mode to see if that changes anything.