New app seems unreliable on lock/unlocked

The app is very unreliable when trying to figure out the locked/unlocked status of the locks. App consistently show incorrect status on the locks. The lock will be unlocked and show locked and the other way around. This is disturbing when away from home because you are really never sure if the lock is unlocked or locked with any certainty. I just toggle it back and forth until I think it’s locked via the app. I do like the new interface where all the lock status is shown on the initial page when you open the app. Just need to work on the reliability.


I also have the same issue. Problem is magnified by having the homes spread across the eastern united states and you have to fly to the home to verify the status. The app is a great upgrade but lock reliability is disheartening.

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try having these setup in a commercial environment, the app designers do not listen to feed back, everyone of my customers are pissed at me. we are being forced to make a switch. the technology is sound but they will not make simple changes to programming to help alleviate these issues


Its brutal and completely unreliable