New App Issues comment Here

The new app is great, much smoother interface. Cleaner functions but it crashes - it’s crashed a few times already. Has anyone had any issues?

No issues yet but I like the additions and flow a LOT better. This puts the app on par with some of the other major players out there. Google may dominate them market but the Home app is trash compared to this interface on my opinion.

Having an issue trying to Set MyAddress, it does not display the map.

Working in the new app, the Scenes/Automation options seem great… But they don’t work. The bedtime or sleep setting won’t let you set the time. So, I created my own automation that says if the door is unlocked, lock it if time is between 9:45 pm and 7am. I looked at 9 :55…door unlocked :frowning:

The whole automation interface is either not working or needs redesign so one can actually get it to work. As Shaun1 noted, trying to have the door lock itself at a particular time (e.g., bedtime) was a bust.

I have noticed that the log of activity for my lock says that the lock was “app unlocked”, when it was actually manually unlocked.

It’s really difficult to type replies to messages here in the community because my phone keyboard covers the text input box on a Google Pixel 7 Pro.

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Two issues have come up with the new app: 1) It is now showing one of the locks as disconnected, even though I can control it. 2)I set up a new user and skipped the fingerprint setup. When I clicked on “Skip” to move past the fingerprint setup, a message popped up saying “fingerprint successfully added” or something similar.

Same here on Android Revvl