New Beta UHome App

I absolutely love the new app.

I love the new app! Easier UX and better features. Very excited to try out lightbulbs and plugs within this same app - would make things so much easier!

Also love the new app. Does it have an Apple Watch app ? I use my watch to unlock my door 90% of the time.


The app is working great so far! I would like the ability to set a timed auto lock. I would also like a Samsung Galaxy Watch app as well! Thank you!

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I am enjoying the new app so far. I like the ability to be able to quickly see the status of all the locks.

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I love the new app. I will be able to add more devices to the app.

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It would be nice to be able to manually type in an address instead of dropping a pin.

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So far the new app has been working pretty good with the combination of the new firmware. The connectivity remotely seems faster, and I am able to edit codes, although it takes a couple of tries because it times out. I’m keeping fingers crossed that it will keep working.

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Just downloaded the U-Home app as a beta tester. I’m having trouble finding the WhatsApp discussion group. Please help.


One issue with new app: The home screen shows the incorrect door status. Frequently, when I open the app, it will show a door as unlocked. When I click on the door, it also shows it as unlocked, but after two seconds or so, it will change and show it as locked. The first few times this happened, I clicked on “Lock” to lock the door. It then showed it as locked. When I then reopened the app a few seconds later to see if the status was still the same, it showed it as unlocked again, but no jammed notice had occurred. When I then waited a couple of seconds, it changed the status to locked. Since then, I have occasionally opened the app to check the status, but then click on any doors marked “open” and wait a couple seconds. Usually, the status changes to “locked” within a couple seconds.

@Doug3 Will be recorded in our whishlist file :kissing_heart:

@Gregg1 Will be recorded in our whishlist file :kissing_heart:

@Campos1 Here is the U home Whatsapp Group, and active feedback providers have the opportunity to win beta testing sample packages: WhatsApp Group Invite

I do too so far! It’s way better and easier to use.

Where do we fill out the feedback form they discussed to be eligible for beta testing I can not find it?

I love this new app! Much improved.