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@Will - could you open up your API’s so that third party systems can access the lock?

I use a U-Tec deadbolt for providing access to my home for AirBnB. Right now, whenever I have a new reservation, I have to pull up the app, create a new Temporary user, add a code, setup their access dates (which I would love to have timestamps as well as calendar dates), and then go and remove them after they leave to keep the app usable.

I would love to write some code that would automate 100% of that and just need access to the same REST API that the mobile app is using!


It is really a good suggestion for our product team. We constantly add new features to our products and improve our existing features and products though Community.

Our Product Team will review this request soon, so we can potentially include it in a future release. @Frank

Thank you.

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I am asking you to add available API for us ,so we can implement in our website and application. We would be a big market for you.


Is it possible to re-implement the light features that were removed after the last firmware update? Or at least add them as settings?

When the lock is unlocked, from the inside of the home there was a red LED that flashed indicating that the lock was unlocked. That LED no longer lights up when the lock is unlocked.

Additionally, when I’m outside the home and pressing the lock key, the lock used to light up with a green LED letting me know that the lock has successfully locked. That LED no longer lights up after locking the lock.

My lock gets stuck sometimes, and this light was critical to letting me know the door successfully locked.

I contacted support about this and was told “In order to meet the needs of power saving, the lights after the upgrade are not on.”

But I should be able to choose whether to use power on these lights or not.



It would be really great if I could set a time based autolock within the lock. For example, that the door stays open between business hours of 9a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and then after 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m., automatically locks after 5 minutes.

Even a time based auto lock (if not locked as a double check), such that the lock always locks at 8:00 p.m. each night, if it is accidentally left in the unlock position, would be really helpful.

Thank you,



Just started another thread about this exactly issue! We love the notification the flashing red LED provides!

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HomeAssistant integration please. :grinning:

be sure to vote here…


For me, the flashing Red LED significantly reduced battery life. Although I did appreciate the exterior green flash when the door was locked.

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I would like to get email and text alerts when the battery is low. I can’t count on users to tell me. It would be great to add this feature in the notification settings.


Agreed. This would be a great feature.

Interesting - I didn’t notice a significant dip. Do you think it would be valuable to have the option in the settings to turn this feature on and off?

Also, did you leave your door unlocked most of the time, which could have caused the red LED to be on for long periods of time?

Yes. My door was unlocked 63% of the time… 15 hours, 54,000 flashes per day.
I have no explanation, but 02.07.0020 increased battery life to an unbelievable duration for me.

I’d like to take that a step further and allow ThinkReservations, our booking software provider develop a connection so we could set up codes for each reservation.

The v2 firmwares turned off the flashing LED light, so that you only get 1 flash now. Shame for those of us who relied on it as a reminder to lock the door.

  1. Euro cylinder support.
  2. Multiple turn support - often euro cylinder locks turn through 2 complete turns to engage/disengage deadbolts or multi-points (not talking about the multi-points that require a handle pull up to engage/disengage which are not easily automatable ).

Business justification for US:
There are only a minority of doors in the USA with euro cylinders however they tend to be on premium products – just the sort of customer that is looking for premium access control.

re: Low Battery Notifications – I’d like to start with simple phone/app notifications (i just spoke to tech support and evidently this is “on its way” in the next month or so…) - then they can add text and email…


For short term rental use it would be great to be able to set a schedule for temp access that would begin at the check in time (4pm) and the disable at the check out time (11 am). As an example if we have guests arrive on a Fri and leave on Sun the code should work from 4pm Friday - 11 am Sun. This would help us ensure that guests don’t have access to the property outside of the times they should.

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I agree with Burton. This would be something that I would really love to see in the app. Give us the flexibility to set to our needs.

can you add to UL3 ability to lock the door from the inside which would deactivate using the fingerprint/keypad. This would allow such a unit to be used in securing restrooms for a business.