Constant battery low alert

I get constant battery low alerts. I have already replaced the batteries 3 times in just 2 months. Now I am ignoring the alerts, assuming they are due to a fault battery test circuit.

So next problem. How to suppress the battery low alert notifications without losing other notifications. I’m on an Android phone.

I might return the product for a refund in a few weeks if this problem persists.

Our support team will follow up with you via ticket number 88368 directly.

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Sam here. Really bad.

U-Bolt Pro

In September 2020 I installed Firmware: 01.55.0020. This version of the code caused the inside/interior Red LED to flash once a second when the bolt was in the UNlocked state.
Battery life declined significantly.

I replaced batteries (after using an external battery checker) on

Also on 1/8/2021 I installed Firmware 02.07.0020. As hard as it is to believe, since that day, 1/8/2021 until now (5/11/2022) , the same set of Duracell batteries are still installed and show a status of High.

At this time I have no plans to update the firmware and will remain on 02.07.0020

PS. I keep a note inside the battery compartment with battery replacement dates.

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@YetAnotherDave Please try to upgrade to 2.26.0020

@Will Is there a changelog available for 2.26.0020? I’m specifically interested in any potential enhancements, security updates and power management features.


The batteries finally died. 6/17/2022. 18 months. I’m impressed, however, it’s important to note that the entire time the Battery status was displayed as High.

Does anyone have news on relevant enhancements/fixes in Firmware Version: 02.26.0020 ??
(I have a U-Bolt Pro (with bridge) , so I’m ignoring WiFi and Z-wave enhancements/fixes)

Same here, my battery life has improved well beyond what I thought was possible.