Smart Notifications for Low Battery

I have several smart locks on multiple short and medium-term rental units. It would be very helpful to get smart notifications for low batteries rather than having to rescue tenants by manually unlocking their doors because the lock batteries have died. This would save a lot of aggregation at all hours of the day to proactively swap the batteries.

I just installed a U-Bolt Pro at a vacation property. Does it only send notification when the battery dies? Or not at all? I presumed there would be a notification when battery life was down around 10% or so.

@Mike9. Unfortunately, it never sends a notification. I have four mid-term rental homes and I’ve been asking for this feature for two years now. You either have to keep checking for a low battery or you’ll get a text after the tenant is locked out. Batteries tend to last 3-4 months so I replace them regularly with turnover. This seems like a basic need that U-Tec is clearly overlooking.

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That’s ridiculous! How did they even ship a v1 product without a low battery notification???