U-Bolt WiFi Series 01.35.0023 Firmware Release Note

16th July Update: 01.35.0023 firmware has been officially pushed. For U-Bolt WiFi and U-Bolt Pro WiFi, please go to the settings page and click on the red dot to manually upgrade.

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the latest firmware update 01.35.0023 for the U-Bolt WiFi series! This update brings significant optimizations to enhance your smart lock experience. Here are the key improvements:

1. Added Airbnb Schedule function: Now you can effortlessly set up multi-day lock access permissions for your tenants. Grant secure and convenient access spanning across different time periods.

2. Improved Door Sensor and Auto Lock Functionality: Fixed the Auto-lock function not working issues.

3. Low Battery Alert for Lithium Batteries: Stay one step ahead with the new low battery alert specifically designed for lithium batteries. Receive timely notifications to ensure your lock never runs out of power unexpectedly.

4. Fingerprint Optimization: We’ve perfected the fingerprint sensor to prevent false activations caused by raindrops or moisture. Experience accurate and reliable fingerprint recognition, even in challenging weather conditions.

5. Battery-drain optimization: Optimized battery consumption issue caused by non-mesh routers.

Currently, we are in the gray rollout phase of this firmware update. If you need to experience these new features, simply leave your U-tec email in the following comments section, and I’ll push the firmware to your device. :heartbeat:


Where is the link to download it?

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When are you going to build locks with replaceable lithium ion battery’s I can recharge by plugging a usb cable into the lock. Not a fan of changing battery’s

You can do it yourself if you’re brave - there’s some nice big surface pads to solder leads to. Voids warranty of course but no more battery concerns.

If I was going to put effort into it I’d build my own smart locks. The combo set is garbage. I’ve thrown away two handles already and a third is falling apart. They were good for the first few years but they don’t last. The Latch 5 handles seem to be better but they aren’t even a year old yet so time will tell.

If you have any problems with latch 5, please contact us. Thank you.

Hi, for U-Bolt WiFi or U-Bolt Pro WiFi model, you could check the Settings->Firmware page, there will be a red dot.

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Hi Carrie - please push the update to my device. Thanks.

Please push the v.0023 firmware to my device.
Thanks for all you are doing to improve the product!


Please push to my account - mmyles2007@gmail.com

Please push to my account, I have 3 locks. rtaninbaum@gmail.com

Hey guys, please check the red dot to upgrade the firmware on your lock:
How to Update the Firmware for Ultraloq Smart Lock?

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I’ve tried calling support and emailing, but no response. My unit appears won’t respond to anything any more. How do I rectify this? Tried new batteries, plugging it into USB etc.

@Will @Carrie - is there a way to force the app to check for new firmware? I keep checking the app but still do not see a red dot - it shows my firmware as up to date, even though still at same version as before (02.26.0020)

Sorry, this firmware couldn’t be updated. Only support for 01.xx.0023.

Please offer your ticket number and @Will, you could receive response soon.

johntw336@gmail.com Push the update please.

Hi, this firmware has been released. Could you find the red dot on the lock settings->firmware page?

No, there is no red dot.
Lock Firmware 01.33.0023
Bluetooth Firmware 00.05.0050

I do not have a red dot in setting and it says my Firmware is 01.33.0023
Bluetooth Firmware 00.05.0050