Low battery email

Would be great if I could be emailed when the battery is low.

I’m not the one using the lock (my airbnb guests are) so no point of making specific noises or colors. I got an app notification for a ‘lock jam’ but I’m sure the battery got low prior. Upon receiving the notification the guests could not open the door. I was 3,000 miles away on a trip. Eventually the battery was low and just needed replacement. Would be great to get emailed and notified in the app when opening it.

I did not see that ‘wished product feature’ so creating a new post.

Hello, sorry I don’t quite understand, why do you need an email with low battery since you have received the notification?

I had similar situation with a housesitter, in fact twice over the last two years. Both times I was able to get them in but there isn’t a low battery warning notification option and I never received any notifications - because it isn’t an option. I have scheduled a monthly check reminder in my calendar but really, a low battery warning would be very useful.

Hi, low battery warning notification hasn’t been an option because we made it a default feature you don’t need to set.
But I don’t know why you didn’t get the notification. There may be the following reasons: 1. You have not enabled the notification permission for the U-tec app in your system settings; 2. The server has not successfully pushed notifications to you; 3. There is a notification but you did not notice it; maybe we should strengthen this push function. Thanks for your feedback.

couldn’t get into the house this morning because the battery was low. why didn’t it notify me before? I’ve had this happen before and luckily I can get in via the garage, but I think you need to look at this seriously Carrie

btw, I think you only receive notifications if the app is allowed to run in the background on Android which is something you have to enable. maybe this should be enabled by default

I am a little late to this thread but just had a low battery situation and was locked out. Did not receive any emails saying the battery was low.

In this thread Carrie said that it was a function that should automatically be turned on and that emails should go out to inform about a low battery. Carrie said something about enabling notification permission in the app.

I cannot locate anything that looks like that in the app. Can someone please point out exactly where we go to turn notification on? I would assume mine is on already but want to check.

Not sure why this function is not working but email notification of low battery needs to work all the time.

I’m complete agreement. Needs to be some type of notice besides beeps at the lock. I have another company’s lock at a separate property and that displays a percentage on the app. Something besides beeps and lights at the lock is needed.

Hi, I’m sorry, the battery notification can only be pushed through the app notification but not email at present

Is there a plan for the email notification to be included in the next release? I see where you say “at present”, but that could be quickly remedied. Thanks!