Low battery notification

It would be nice if the system would send a notification (message to the registered phone or email) when the battery level gets low enough to affect operation. Once our batteries got too low to operate the lock. Fortunately, we’d given a physical key to a neighbor “in case”. But, had they not been home, we wouldn’t be able to get in. Allowing outdoor charging via a power bank is nice in theory but we never carry a power bank with us other than when travelling.

My property has about 22 locks and there is a real problem with the battery management of these locks. power bank is a joke, as no one carries that around. Keep a key close by

The issue is worse when you depend on the lock to auto-lock. Without a battery notification, there have been several occasions when the lock did not auto-lock and my front door remained unlocked all day or night. I’ve also noticed that if I check the battery level in the app, it always shows as high. Please fix

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