Smart notification - battery level requests

Having a smart notification for low battery levels is a must. This is critical for making sure the lock doesn’t die from a low battery. My Old Kevo App would email me warnings and it was very helpful.


We will push the notifications if your battery status changes to “alert” (which means you should change your battery) . Didn’t you receive?
It sounds like email is a good idea. We will keep watching.

Sorry for the late reply, but I am not receiving any push notifications from my multiple locks for low batteries. I’ve had several die on me without warning. Are these notifications pushed to the cloud? Or do I have to be connected to the same WiFi network to receive them? When I manually check each lock it always reports medium, even with fresh batteries installed. thanks for your help.

I just had my battery die over the weekend and did not receive any notifications or email. It sounds like emails are not expected, but a push notification is (?).
Is there a setting for this? I don’t see a smart notification or any setting for battery notifications.
In any case, I did not receive the notification you mentioned for a low battery.

The “Owner” account gets push notifications, but not local admins. I have multiple locks at different locations. I am the “owner”, but my local managers don’t get notifications. If I could get email as well as have the ability to turn on/off push notifications in each users settings that would be great!

I get push notifications that my battery is low, but the battery status on the app still says medium. Which one do I believe? It would of course be ideal if these too things were aligned…