Lock Status screen says Low Battery but Settings screen says High

I have been having a Low Battery message in the Lock Status screen for a few days, but the settings screen shows it as High. I have reasons to believe the Low Battery message is the correct one (Batteries were installed 4 months ago. While this lock has had very little usage of opening and closing during that time, there have been a few lock jams over the months that may have worn the battery down more. I have a poorly installed door jam I will be fixing soon, can’t blame Ultraloq).

Regardless, one of these screens are not correct.

Finally, a few days later, the Settings Screen now says Alert instead of High for the battery message. [Side-Question: What are the battery level messages? HighMediumAlert? Is there a Low in there before Alert, or does Alert = Low?]

So my question is why did the Settings screen take days to update to Alert and sync with the Lock Status screen?

1) Low Battery in red on Lock Status screen:
2) Battery HIGH in Settings screen (mytime stamps are 1 minute apart):
3) Days later my settings screen now says Battery : Alert


I have 4 locks of these models, but none of them had reached low levels yet, so I don’t know if they will have the same software bug. And I probably wont know, because I will be replacing all batteries this week because new tenants will be moving in, and I want fresh batteries for them. But yeah, if others have this bug, or the devs can track it down, that would be great.

U Tec app is V
Lock Firmware is 01.38.0023
Bluetooth Firmware is 00.06.0050

I have some extra insight as to what is going on. I noticed in my screenshots above that it says Auto Lock is On. But I thought, that can’t be correct, I set that to off, so people or strong winds don’t slam the door shut with a retracted deadbolt and do damage. When I clicked into the Auto Lock menu, it was indeed still turned off. That’s when I realized there are multiple errors on this settings page. Went back to the settings page, and as I stared at it for about 30 seconds thinking, the auto lock ON flipped to the word OFF. I now know what is happening behind the scenes, and I suggest the devs tweak the app to handle this differently.

These settings screens are not showing current information. They are only showing default or cached information from the last connection or software update. If you keep this screen open, the app is actually silently reaching out to these locks over the web. And if it returns a successful response back from the devices, this screen will repopulate with the up-to-date configurations. BUT, if you leave this screen before this 20 to 40 seconds are up, this screen never gets the response, and never updates.

The problem, I suspect, is the code to update the cached data (last known state of all of the settings) only runs when this Settings screen is open, and only overwrites the data if the user hangs out on this screen for long enough to receive a response (again, half a minute). This device information request should happen earlier, perhaps when the Lock Status screen is opened, but also the EventListener for overwriting this information should be screen-agnostic. It should just overwrite the cached data whenever that data is received from the server, independent of what screen the user is on.

I have had out-of sync messages on this screen (Battery and Auto Lock settings) for days, simply because I didn’t let this screen stay open long enough for the full roundtrip handshake of send->receive a behind-the-scenes update.

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