New U-Home app - battery life is wrong

My batteries have been reporting low for awhile and I know they are, but when the app recently updated it now says ‘High’ and I have not changed the batteries yet. I am concerned that an inaccurate reading will leave a guest locked out at some point…
(Ultraloq U-Bolt with Bridge WiFi and the U-Tec [now U-Home] app on Android)

Hi, we are so sorry for that and will reply you in the ticket #202848. Please check it later.

Just yesterday my lock sent a battery “alert”. I hadn’t seen this before and the app didn’t let me check the battery level on the lock it just indicated “alert”. When I got to our beach house today the battery via Bluetooth in the app registered “medium”. This was unfortunately the last straw with this lock. I’ve spent way too much time (and gas driving 2 hours each way) fixing issues, from battery drain to Wi-Fi disconnecting to incorrect app functionality. I’ve taken the lock out and put another more reliable one in its place. Please U-Tec support, don’t start a ticket, I’m moving on.