Low Battery Alert not working on FW 02.26.0021

Let me start by saying I have the sounds disabled on my ubolt WiFi pro smart lock because I didn’t want it to beep for every key press but I also didn’t want it to beep for every time to door moves. However, I would like it to beep and flash if the battery is low. I’ve noticed that there are at least 4 battery levels that I’ve seen in the app, high, medium, low, and alert (which is the lowest I assume). None of which cause the lock to beep when sounds are disabled. Additionally, I haven’t recieved a notification when a lock is in low or alert state either on iOS, but I know notifications are working because they do pop up every time if I cause my deadbolt to get jammed by partially closing the door. Is anyone else having a similar issue of no low battery alerts coming by sound or by app notification?

Hi Jeff,
I have forwarded your feedback t the R&D group, they will consider improving the low battery alert in the future.


Yes, I’ve thought before that there should at least be an audible signal of some sort when the battery reaches a critical level.

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I noticed recently that the battery level in the app was inaccurate. The battery level was so low that the unit was unable to open and lock the deadbolt. The app alert never worked, I think because it thought the battery level showed High. I put in a service ticket.

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Junji, I had this happen a few times when the deadbolt was rubbing the strike plate. The install of a motorized lock has less room for error than a regular deadbolt turned by hand, and I found that with a little tweaking of the strike plate positioning I was able to get the lock to always smoothly lock and unlock, which also allows the battery to last longer. May not be your issue but it’s worth checking.

Thank you, Travis. I don’t think that’s an issue, but I’ll take a look.

In my case, replacing the battery fixed the locking and unlocking issue.

Same here. Last night my UL3 Gen 2 “died” again with no battery warning. I checked a week or so ago and it was HIGH. We need to get push notifications when it hits LOW but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it report anything but HIGH. I now have a reminder to change the batteries every 3 months just in case.

It was acting appropriately (app showing battery levels and alerting when low) with the previous firmware.

I’ve had the same issue as well. In mid July, our caretaker let us know that she visited our winter home , and that the lock was completely dead…no lights, or beeps of any kind, yet I had checked the app to see the battery (the original Utec Li batteries) were reporting a high state of charge just two day earlier, as they had ever since installation in late January. It seems like I should have seen the battery indicator show a gradual decrease in strength over a several week period. If that would have been the case, rather than go directly from high to dead, I could have had the caretaker replace the batteries before they went completely dead, potentially leaving her or some of our guests who use the home locked out. Hopefully this will be addressed in a update.