When will we get the full range of notifications?

In my app, the only notification possibilities are “this door is locked or unlocked by a specific user”, “this door is locked or unlocked manually”, “this door is auto-locked”. Where are “deadbolt jammed”, “door open for _____ seconds/minutes”, “door unlocked for ______ seconds/minutes”, etc?

Fine if you’d create them in integrations/api, so then I can do it in smartthings, but rn I can only do locked/unlocked status and lock/unlock actions. What are you doing? This product isn’t finished, and it’d be trivially easy to add these SOFTWARE features. They’re table stakes for smart locks!

@J112 We constantly add new features to our products and improve our existing features and products.

You can post a topic under Wishlist on our Community to request new features and products. Our Product Team will then review it so we can potentially include it in a future release.

This isn’t a wish, it’s a demand. Basic features of a complete smart lock. The statuses are there in software, because the lock says “deadbolt jammed”. They’re just not exposed to the U-tec app’s notifications, so I can’t be notified when deadbolt is jammed, for example, and they’re not exposed to the api, because I can’t set up if/then in smarthome management frameworks like ST. Finish the lock. Expose all the things that are already there in software to the user in both U-tec app (immediately, before releasing the product to the public), and the 3rd party API (ASAP, the value of a smart lock or any smart device depends on this).

Move the conversation to wishlist if you must. Don’t tell me to post in a different category, move this post yourself. It’s basic forum moderation. Do your job. Don’t tell me to do your job for you.

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Thank you for your suggestions. We will move them up the chain for consideration. a. deadbolt jammed, b. door opened/unlocked with timer. I have one suggestion where if someone pushed in a wrong code 3 times or wrong fingerprint, then a notification also. Maybe even a lockout feature. Let us know if you have anymore. Thanks.


They’re not suggestions, they’re demands. These are table stakes for a COMPLETE smart lock. These already exist in software, it’s just a matter of writing like 2 lines of code to expose them in the U-tec app as “smart” notifications (just notifications), and sending the statuses of the door position sensor and the deadbolt sensor to all the integrations, like smartthings.

Noted regarding the demands. Rest assured I’ve already escalated this issue for consideration. Allow us a bit of time as there are quite a few moving parts in the process. Thank you.