When will door sensor be integrated?

Pretty much the title. It was advertised, I installed it, and then after all that, neither U-tec app nor integrations use the sensor at all!

@J112 So sorry for this inconvenience caused for you. Are you using the SmartThings App?

Yes, but it’s not ONLY ST! The sensor doesn’t do anything inside U-tec app either! For example, I can’t create/receive any notifications from the U-tec app based on the door sensor’s state. It’s advertised as “With the Door Sensor, Ultraloq Smart Lock will auto lock behind you, only when the door is closed.” This is false. The Ultraloq Smart Lock will auto lock in front of or behind you, EVEN WHEN THE DOOR ISN’T CLOSED. For example, the exact situation I calibrated in setup, the deadbolt extended, and just slightly ajar, can easily happen. Autolock doesn’t recognize this, it just says “locked”. The U-tec app can say “deadbolt jammed” or not, and even if it realizes it wasn’t able to extend the deadbolt fully (not the door sensor, just the position of deadbolt sensor), there’s NO notification, or even option to get a notification, via U-tec app, or 3rd party integrations/api, like smartthings.