Ultraloq Z-Wave U-Bolt Alert/Alarm Doesn't Work

Turning on the toggle for the door open alert/alarm does nothing. Supposedly will beep or make some sort of noise after 10s open. In reality, does nothing, likely because the door sensor isn’t functional. The door sensor seems to work for the auto-lock function, but that’s it. Can’t see whether the DOOR is open or closed! Only whether the lock is locked or unlocked!


@J112 Please check your request #189003 when you have a chance.

There’s no substantial reply in request #189003. Why did you tell me to check it? Just respond here, so everyone with the same problem can google this thread and find out what to do about it.


I have the same experience as J112. I know the sensor works because, just like J112, it locks the door when I shut the door with the auto-lock on, and while using the app. Likewise, the app can show me if the door is open or not. However, at least using Hubitat, it doesn’t report if the door is open as they only have a generic lock driver for it.

It’s been well over a year (probably mush closer to 2 years by now) that U-tec was promising they were going to provide access to their api so we could do such things like detect if the door was open. But they still haven’t done anything at all, as far as I can tell.

Yes! Come on, U-tec! Write the driver to make the lock a complete product! It’s unfinished, which is pathetic for 2 years. Like, devote the 2 hours of developer time to get this driver completed. The “smart” lock isn’t complete without it.