Door Sensor does not work constantly

The Door Sensor does not work constantly at all. The problem: The door sensor will incorrectly state the door as open when it is closed. The only way to reslove is remove the door sensor in the App and reconnect it. Once reconnected the door sensor will work again for a few open/closes but will eventually stop working again.

Details: item :
ULTRALOQ World’s First Z-Wave Smart Lock with Fingerprint ID
Installed 24 hours ago

I have connected/disconnected the Door sensor around 12 times now. I have tried different positions, all within the required specifications. and it always stops working after a short while (less then an hour).

There is secondary issue that the door does not auto-lock due to it thinking the door was open even though it is actually closed. Also, the "alarm’ to notify the door is open after 5 seconds is turned on but it never alerts.

@wherry our support team will follow up with you via ticket 97978

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I have the same issues. I had to disable the door sensor due to not recording correctly when opened and closed. Same issue with alarm as well. Also noticed today that my battery is showing “medium” strength, which is not normal after just a couple weeks use. My other two locks still show “high” battery after months of use. Hopefully there is a patch coming soon to make these functions useful.