U- Bolt Temporary User Scheduling

HI All;

I have two (2) U-Bolt Pros that I’d like to have the ability to set-up for check-in & out times for my short-term rental. Currently, I have a “Short Term Rental” profile that I toggle the Access code for to allow my Guests entry; however, recently, we have had Guests checking in early & checking out late and I’d like to stop that.

I tried implementing a “Temporary User” profile with specific date ranges, but when you try to toggle the allowed “Schedule” times, it is applying the selection to EACH DAY (i.e. If you set 1:00PM start and 5:00PM end, this is applied to each of the days of the schedule). What I would like to be able to do is set it up so a Guest has access from 3:00pm on Friday to 1:00pm on Sunday AND ALL TIME IN BETWEEN, not just from 1:00pm - 3:00pm on those days (which is what the current function does).


I too would like to see this. I just came from Yale/August which has this type of scheduling. I assumed this is a pretty basic feature for a programmable lock so I was surprised to see it missing here.


I’m having this same issue. Would love to be able to set the checkin time example a 3 pm start time on Friday and 12 checkout time on Tuesday, but it just sets that time for each calendar day.