U- Bolt Temporary User Scheduling

HI All;

I have two (2) U-Bolt Pros that I’d like to have the ability to set-up for check-in & out times for my short-term rental. Currently, I have a “Short Term Rental” profile that I toggle the Access code for to allow my Guests entry; however, recently, we have had Guests checking in early & checking out late and I’d like to stop that.

I tried implementing a “Temporary User” profile with specific date ranges, but when you try to toggle the allowed “Schedule” times, it is applying the selection to EACH DAY (i.e. If you set 1:00PM start and 5:00PM end, this is applied to each of the days of the schedule). What I would like to be able to do is set it up so a Guest has access from 3:00pm on Friday to 1:00pm on Sunday AND ALL TIME IN BETWEEN, not just from 1:00pm - 3:00pm on those days (which is what the current function does).


I too would like to see this. I just came from Yale/August which has this type of scheduling. I assumed this is a pretty basic feature for a programmable lock so I was surprised to see it missing here.


I’m having this same issue. Would love to be able to set the checkin time example a 3 pm start time on Friday and 12 checkout time on Tuesday, but it just sets that time for each calendar day.


OMG, Please. Most of the smart locks have this feature and it should be default for STR