Programming code for a set start time and end time

For hotels, B&B and AirBNB, with a check in time of 3PM and a check out time of 12:00PM, wouldn’t be great to be able to program a code that starts at 3PM on a specific date and becomes inactive at 12:00PM on another date (ex: Code is good from 3PM on May 17 up to 12PM on May 20, for a guest staying 3 days). As of now, you can only set a start date / end date, so a guess could show up at 10am on his reservation day and try to check in !

I totally second this suggestion. It’s maddening that there is a scroll to add log in/log out times, but it doesn’t actually do anything.


I am also totally in agreement. In fact, I bought the u-bolt for Airbnb usage because it’s advertised as a great lock for short term rentals and the ad specifically says you can control date AND TIME of when the code works. The ad is a misrepresentation and I feel I was bait-and-switched. I would not have bought the lock if I had known I couldn’t control the time.

Go to “Scheduled” and you should be able to set start and end times as well

I was with U-tec customer service about a month ago and they told me that the “Scheduled” feature does not work and they are aware of it. You cannot have a different start and end times for different days (ex: start at 3:00 pm on May 30, end at 10:00 am on June 2). Has U-tec fixed the problem?



I came here to post the same exact thing. I hope it gets traction.

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This suggestion has been noticed, make sense indeed for this occasion.


I have two different U-Locks and I can’t find a “schedule” screen on any of them. Where can it be found?

I agree. I purchased 14 locks for my motel because of this too. I’ve tried to use the “Schedule function” and when I set the beginning date and time and then set the end day and time. The times become the same. If I set the start day time to 3pm and then set the end time on another day to 11pm the start time switches to 11am.

Do you have a training video of how this works? Maybe I’m just doing this wrong.

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I agree that that would be a great features. I want to give my in-laws access to the house when they are nice and grab packages off my porch, however I want to avoid them showing up unannounced during dinner, nap time, etc. which has been a problem, haha.

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Want to add my vote for this feature as well. I think this is a critical feature for a lot of smart lock users.

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I have the eacr same request posted: U- Bolt Temporary User Scheduling

Clearly the People have spoken…