Programming code for a set start time and end time

For hotels, B&B and AirBNB, with a check in time of 3PM and a check out time of 12:00PM, wouldn’t be great to be able to program a code that starts at 3PM on a specific date and becomes inactive at 12:00PM on another date (ex: Code is good from 3PM on May 17 up to 12PM on May 20, for a guest staying 3 days). As of now, you can only set a start date / end date, so a guess could show up at 10am on his reservation day and try to check in !

I totally second this suggestion. It’s maddening that there is a scroll to add log in/log out times, but it doesn’t actually do anything.


I am also totally in agreement. In fact, I bought the u-bolt for Airbnb usage because it’s advertised as a great lock for short term rentals and the ad specifically says you can control date AND TIME of when the code works. The ad is a misrepresentation and I feel I was bait-and-switched. I would not have bought the lock if I had known I couldn’t control the time.


Go to “Scheduled” and you should be able to set start and end times as well

I was with U-tec customer service about a month ago and they told me that the “Scheduled” feature does not work and they are aware of it. You cannot have a different start and end times for different days (ex: start at 3:00 pm on May 30, end at 10:00 am on June 2). Has U-tec fixed the problem?



I came here to post the same exact thing. I hope it gets traction.


This suggestion has been noticed, make sense indeed for this occasion.


I have two different U-Locks and I can’t find a “schedule” screen on any of them. Where can it be found?

I agree. I purchased 14 locks for my motel because of this too. I’ve tried to use the “Schedule function” and when I set the beginning date and time and then set the end day and time. The times become the same. If I set the start day time to 3pm and then set the end time on another day to 11pm the start time switches to 11am.

Do you have a training video of how this works? Maybe I’m just doing this wrong.


I agree that that would be a great features. I want to give my in-laws access to the house when they are nice and grab packages off my porch, however I want to avoid them showing up unannounced during dinner, nap time, etc. which has been a problem, haha.


Want to add my vote for this feature as well. I think this is a critical feature for a lot of smart lock users.


I have the eacr same request posted: U- Bolt Temporary User Scheduling

Clearly the People have spoken…

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I cannot believe we cannot set check-in and check-out times on different dates and times for short-term rentals. That’s critical and needs to be addressed in the app ASAP.


No… The schedule time is for each day the code is set for, i.e from 7am to 4pm everyday from the 22nd to the 25th… I.e wouldn’t work at 7pm on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th… It is not from 7am on the 22nd to 4pm on the 25th

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I just wanted to echo the serious need for this ability. We have a STR and would definitely gone with another brand if we had known you could not set the check-in/check-out times! In the summer we often have one set of guests leaving in the AM and another coming in the PM with my wife cleaning in between. Not being able to start/stop their code at the right time is vital! U-Tec, PLEASE add this basic functionality!