Vote for your preferred UI!

Some users have given feedback that the schedule page isn’t easy to understand. We are eager to listen to everyone’s opinions and make improvements. We now have several options, and we invite you to vote for your favorite:

A. Add a toggle switch for “Repeat.”

B. Allow users to independently enable or disable “Temporary Date” and “Repeat.”

C. Change the wording, replace “Access Date” with “Temporary Date” and “Repeat” with “Recurring Time.”

D. Indifferent, keep it as it is.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
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Hi guys, if you would like to join the U-tec App UI improvement team, please click on the invitation link here: WhatsApp Group Invite

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I don’t find the page confusing. Only that it doesn’t work properly. If I set up a new temporary code for a tenant, and set it to begin as of today at 12am, it will not work. My work-around has been to change the date to yesterday’s date. This works, but it’s annoying if you set them up in advance and if you have tenants that arrive and leave on the same day, it would be better if it worked. Also, it’s not clear how the time and date are linked. Does the code work every day from the start date at the start time and then turn off every day at the end time, or will it continually work until the end date at the end time – which is how I need it to work? I need it to start on Sunday, say at 3pm (checkin time) and end the following Sunday at 10am (checkout time) but this does not work properly when I set it up this way.

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I would say simply update Access Date to Temporary Access Date and Repeat to Recurring Time. You could also just leave as is, but add a info tooltip that explains each of the sections in more details.

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@dana Could you show me how you set up the schedule page? I will explain to you how to set it correctly.

Thanks for your feedback.

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I don’t was not chosen for a beta device, so I have not been able to use the Schedule feature yet (hopefully I’ll be on the A19 colour cycle), but I vote for “C” - with the additional comment (this may be the case in the app) that the date and time format follow Systemwide Default (or be selectable) as I prefer yyyy-mm-dd and 24h time format.

This request has nothing to do with the beta device or a beta version of the app. On any of the locks, simply create a temporary user, then you will see the Schedule option. These screenshots are from the Schedule section.

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Got it - thanks

And, having done so, I note that the time and date formats are definitely a 12 hr and mm/dd/yyyy format, despite my phone’s default being 24 hr yyyy/mm/dd

That would be a nice tweak

It’s still unclear as to how the access date/time range will act upon the repeat. Will the repeat schedule only be valid within the access date/time range? Will the user only be able to access on the days/times in the repeat - otherwise locked out? What happens if an access time ends before the repeat time?
I think repeats should be handled more like google calendar, where you set your start date, repeat frequency or days of the week, and then an end date or number of occurrences.

@ERIK If you set up the access date and the repeat at the same time, the user only be able to access on the date in the repeat. If the repeat time exceeds the access date, then the repeat function is invalid. Our current page includes a start time, an end time, and a repeat time within that time. Perhaps the user interface is causing some confusion?