Unable to set times to temporary users

The Termporary Users features are useless and NEVER saves.

  • The window dates and times are not recorded
  • The window of time for each day it automatically put the same for beginning and end
  • Don’t know what is the Limit of Times

This features sells super cool, it actually is crap.

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I have no problem with the feature with iOS app.Not sure what you mean about the dates/times are not “recorded”. Do you mean not saved?

Also what is “automatically put the same for beginning and end”?

Although I’ve never used the Limit of Times feature I believe it limits the number of times a temporary user can get in.

Also note that the start and stop times apply to each 24 hour day individually - it is not the start time on the first day until the stop time on the last day. This is fine for workers who are coming each day… not so convenient if you are renting a house for several days.