Access code seems to be blocked

I have a guest that, per the log, put in the correct access code but then pressed the fingerprint pad instead of the oval button below. She did this about 6 or 7 times. So of course it failed. But now the code does NOT work even when pushing the correct oval button below the finger print. Sooooo my question is, do codes get blocked by the system if they are attempted with the fingerprint pad too many times? If yes, how many fails blocks the code? Thanks

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@Mark17 Please check your updated ticket #178807 when you have a chance.

For anyone who’s interested… I’m updating my original post. It turns out it was operator error (aka - my fault). When I put in the temporary user, I INCORRECTLY thought that in the “hours” section in the dates fields that the “start hour” was for the first day of the range, and the “end hour” was on the last day. THIS IS NOT ACCURATE.
After talking with the awesome support person, the start and end timing is for EACH day. It makes sense if you have, as example, a house cleaner that only comes on wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00, you can have their code work only at that range.
So, for my short term rental needs, I identify the numeric calendar days, and just leave the default hours and it works 24 hours a day