Unauthorized access!

This lock is a complete disaster!

I have a user who has scheduled access which expired on 8/20. This person came to my house yesterday (8/23) and was able to unlock and enter my home twice. I just tested their code today (8/24) and was able to unlock the deadbolt.

Someone explain to me how this device can be considered a safe lock to protect person and property when it grants people unauthorized access? This is the polar opposite of why anyone puts a lock on their door - to keep people out not let them in.

I’m livid!


Just for kicks, I just changed the access dates so that they expire on 8/19. I thought this might reset the permissions for this access code. Nope! I was still able to unlock the door with this code!

The English language doesn’t have words that can express the anger and frustration I have right now.


@RoyN Our agent has replied you via Trouble-Ticket, please check the email.

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When entering the end date for a code, by default it out in the next year by default… Did you make sure the year was 2022 ? That is one thing that I don’t like… But otherwise don’t have any problems


I had the opposite issue my parents came and their access didn’t work at all. I ended up deleting there code and adding it back in then it started to work again.

@Berube2 We will consider adding more options in the future, but now the default is the next year.

@Evans1 Please double-check the schedule, especially the Weekdays and the time. For the Weekdays, the Blue color means it’s available, Gray means unavailable. Also, some users set up the visit time from 00:00 to 00:00, which will also cause visitors cannot open the door.

@Gilbert, they are setup as standard users to the schedule would not apply.

Yep. That was the problem and that is pure insanity. Nobody schedules a “temporary” user for over a year at a time. Hey, let me give you temporary access from July 4, 2022 to July 6, 2023.

This is definitely not a feature, this is a bug that they know about and won’t fix.

Funny thing is that I contacted their tech support and they told me either my batteries are weak (not so) or if my batteries aren’t weak them someone has reset my lock (not remotely possible) so I need to factory reset it. I mean, talk about lazy tech support… Lazy tech support always goes to the nuclear option for factory reset.

Glad I didn’t listen to that and discovered that I had inadvertently given someone access to my house for 366 days instead of one day. Thanks for pointing that out!

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I don’t get why they allow us to post the situation publicly but don’t resolve it where all can see what we should do as if we aren’t experiencing the same problem

THis Lock is very buggy and the fact that you cannot get Weekend Support is starting to really annoy the crap out of me.