Treat the fingerprint sensor like the Ultraloq button

If the door is locked when someone enters a valid pin and then “presses” the fingerprint sensor, the deadbolt should unlock. If the deadbolt is unlocked and the fingerprint sensor is “pressed”, the door should lock. Too many people think the fingerprint sensor is the ultraloq button, so treat it that way.

THIS is a GREAT IDEA. I second the suggestion!

That’s an interesting idea. Could you tell me how do you come up with this idea? Do you mean the Ultraloq button is not always convenient for you?

I understand what to do, but the people I give a code to don’t get it.

People just naturally think the fingerprint sensor is a button. So even though I tell them to use the ultraloq button, which is small and not obvious, they always press the fingerprint sensor.

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Ok, thanks. We would talk about this function.

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