Imagine a world where you could just enter the code

I own a few short-term rentals that a property manager manages. The lock is the best by far in that we create unique codes with the last four cell phone digits of the guest. The code is made to only work for their stay, increasing security for all. I love the locks with one exception. The challenge I have is that when a guest arrives, they enter the code and push the center button (Thumbprint scanner). It sticks out and makes the Ultraloq button hard to find, especially if it’s dark like it is for most of our guests check in. Most guests have never used this lock, and although we share the instructions, they try two or three times and return to the car. They confirm they have the right code and repeat the above several times. Then they call the property manager, it’s a problem. It would be great if you could disable the Ultraloq button in settings and simply let people enter the code. Yes, once you’ve done it once, it is simple.

It needs to be more intuitive. The button should light up brighter, green or allowed to be disabled in our use scenario.

Hello, thank you for the feedback. We will discuss the design and confirm if there are reasonable optimization measures.


Thank you. It would be great if the admin could enable/disable requiring the ultraloq button. Our units are in a safe area, and we have video doorbells to complement access. Thank you for your consideration.

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Out of curiosity, why do you have the lock with the fingerprint scanner for your short-term rentals? The non-fingerprint models do exactly (well almost) what you “imagine” (I say almost since after you enter the code you do have to press the “ultraloq” button). I realize that at this point you’ve already got the fingerprint models installed, but given the headache reduction…

I use the fingerprint version on one in particular. It’s a cabin in NC that I use when I’m in town there. I split time between there and my main home for business purposes. I like that I can use Bluetooth and the scanner for my use. Functionally, as you noted, it doesn’t change how the system works. You still need to press the Ultraloq button with the other version. Most other keypad systems don’t require this step. We have keypad locks on all our houses, some came with the builder, and we don’t replace those. They do not require an additional button press. I would prefer this be configurable as the owner . It could be a simple checkbox in the setup screen that requires or does not require pressing the extra Ultraloq button.

Got it.
“They do not require an additional button press”
Yeah, some do and some don’t. I think these locks need the extra button press because of the ability to embed your code in the middle of random numbers, so I guess the setup option would have to suspend that feature too (which, of course, is something the short term renters don’t use anyway)